The INVASION Part 4 Death Of Silicone

The INVASION Part 3 (KenDICKLamar/JayZ DISS)

YES LIV CAN is an Independent label located in the Heart of Brooklyn New York.  Beauty and the Beast will feature a multitude of songs that EACH feature LIV and Monsta Villa whether it be Love, Hate or Anything in between.  LIVs' side of the album will cover all of the lighter R&B songs while Monstas' side will have the darker Hip-Hop Sound....Both sides of the album delivering HiT after HiT from this UnBEATABLE MATCH.   Finally, something for the Ladies AND the Men on One Album from both points of view.  Thank you for visiting the site and supporting the movement! This site will be continuously updated with footage and videos from our upcoming projects - stay tuned!